Liberator Heart Wedge Featured in Women’s Health Magazine

ATLANTA, GA, March 1, 2017: Liberator Inc., (OTCQB: LUVU). Women’s Health Magazine known as the authority on women’s sexual health and fitness has run an article “United States of Sex,” and Liberator, a leading brand in the sexual wellness category has a prominent feature in the latest must-haves section.

The magazine recently partnered with Men’s Health Magazine to survey 6,700 American men and women on how “Sex Toys Brings Us Together.” According to the magazine, one-third of couples admitted using products in the bedroom.

According to the magazine, experts swear by the firm, heart-shaped Caresse Wedge, stating “it offers the perfect angle for oral, anal and G-spot stimulation and sexual positioning.”
“We are excited that such a well-respected magazine like Women’s Health is choosing to highlight the Liberator brand,” said the company’s marketing manager Angela Lieben. “Whenever major magazine’s cover sexual wellness and products like ours, it make the gap between the adult world and the mainstream a little less wide.”

“Experts swear this firm, heart-shaped, reclined pillow offers the perfect angle for oral, anal, and G-spot stimulating missionary.”  

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