Liberator Sex Furniture

Quartz features Liberator Sex Furniture in American Trade Article

November 30, 2018 — From the Author of Buzz: A Stimulating History, Hallie Lieberman writes “What the largest sex furniture manufacturer in the US can teach America about trade.”  The article published by Quartz highlights Luvu Brands, Inc. and Liberator sex furniture. Lieberman takes the reader on a tour of the 140,000 square foot facility and gives readers insight into how Liberator sex furniture is designed and crafted in Atlanta, GA. The article takes a look at how Luvu Brands’ manufacturing policy can act as a blueprint to for other companies.  And how bringing manufacturing jobs back to America benefits only the workers but also the consumer.

Lieberman details in her article Luvu Brands, Inc. 170 factory workers and ethical manufacturing practices. In addition, there are a number of quotes from Luvu Brands, Inc. CEO and Liberator founder Louis Friedman.

Read the full Liberator sex furniture article by clicking the link below.