Every part of LUVU Brands design, marketing, and production takes place in its Atlanta-based factory. The company is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia in a 140,000 square-foot, a vertically-integrated manufacturing facility that employs over 160 people. Bringing sewn products manufacturing back to the USA and creating innovative consumer brands are core to the company’s operating principles.

“The great thing about manufacturing in the US is speed to market and the ability to test products without doing a large commitment,” says Louis Friedman, the CEO, and founder of LUVU Brands. “We can conceive a product, design it, and get it to market in a couple of weeks.”

Once the design are finalized, pieces are cut with the CAD machines and sent to worker stations on specially designed conveyer [Eton] machines that hang from the scaffolding. Each worker does a specialized task: one person sews in the seam, then sends the fabric down the line, where another person puts in the zipper, and like that the cover continues to be shuttled from worker to work until it is finished.

Luvu Brands designs. manufactures. and markets a portfolio of consumer lifestyle brands through the company’s websites, online mass/drug merchants, and specialty retail stores worldwide. Brands include Liberator®, a brand category of iconic products for enhancing sensuality and intimacy; Avana® Medical, inclined bed therapy products, assistive in relieving medical conditions associated with acid reflux, surgery recovery, and chronic pain; Avana PPE, an array of reusable personal protective equipment that includes protective face masks and surgical and isolation gowns and Jaxx®, a diverse range of casual fashion daybeds, sofas, and beanbags made from virgin and re-purposed polyurethane foam and private label school products. Many of our products are offered flat-packed and vacuum compressed to save on shipping and reduce our carbon footprint.