LUVU Brands Design Process

Our mission is to be the industry leader in manufacturing and marketing well-crafted, made-in-America products.

We use ground-breaking techniques to manufacture products which exceed industry standards. Our exacting method of developing new designs allows for the highest quality products available that feature ergonomic design and performance, all while remaining environmentally focused.

Any new design starts with a need. We call this need a “design challenge.” Design challenges can sprout from any facet of the market; from customer input, to target demographic research, to personal experience. Our job as designers is to identify those challenges, and assess our potential in designing a product that can satisfy the market need. Once the design challenge is established, we then strip it down to it’s foundation and define it by its most elementary components. This well-defined approach is now half-solved.
During the Conceptual phase, we are focused on an several ideas that may contribute to a solution down the road. Often times, we find that being too wrapped up in the details of the “how” can deprive us of the simplest solutions. So in the interim, we forget the “how” and focus on the “what if.” We forgo the industry leading manufacturing processes that we have at our disposal, and focus only on the absolute best way to solve the design challenge.
The Building phase of the process is what allows us to interact with our ideas, and then begin to narrow down the most feasible of ideas. The only way we can imagine how one might interact with a product, is to build it. One of the most valuable assets we have at our disposal is the ability to rapidly bring ideas from the paper and to the workshop. Along with using industry leading Lectra automated fabric cutting, Fecken Kirfel foam contouring, and years of sewing and manufacturing expertise, we can then a design sample, which is an incredibly valuable process.
During the Verification phase, we not only test from a user experience viewpoint, but from a manufacturing capability standpoint as well. By covering these two areas, we can verify whether the product fits a need, or if a product can truly convert into business value. Most of the time, the solution to a design challenge is not a single idea, but a combination of thoughts and concepts that have been verified throughout the entire process.
The Launch is our opportunity to examine whether a new idea transforms into business value. From in-house photography, to creative work, to well established sales and marketing channels, to advanced manufacturing capabilities, our vertically integrated design-to-launch process allows us to quickly release new product designs into the market with very minimal risk.