Liberator Attended EroFame in Hanover, Germany

October 12, 2015
At the show, Liberator met with 6 distributors from various countries and regions. One UK-based company called Creative Conceptions wants to form a kind of partnership with us to distribute and promote Liberator products across the UK. They also met with Distributors from Sweden, Japan, Spain, Czech Republic, and the Baltic States.

In addition, Liberator met with web retailers interested in carrying our products on various websites in addition to quite a few individual and retail chain stores.

The European market is posing some unique challenges. A type of product like Liberator has never really been offered in Europe before. Some countries are very open and excited to try to sell our products in retail and web stores, like UK, Spain and Sweden. The company will be honing in on these interested areas and hope that success in these countries establish a foothold for the rest of Europe.