Jaxx Plays to Win in the Gamer Chair Market

June 6, 2017

With the launch of several new gamer chairs, Jaxx has potential to reach an entirely new audience. Their low, comfortable bean bags have always been good for sitting closer to the television for long periods, but these new chairs are designed to support the back fully so the battle can rage all night.

Strato Bean Bag Chair

Game on! Prop yourself on the Strato Bean Bag Chair and prepare for some heart-thumping entertainment. A must-have for any young gaming enthusiast, the Strato provides a sweet spot for not only video game playing but also reading, listening to music, watching TV or gabbing on the phone. The Strato is stylishly designed with a racing stripe of upholstery-grade spandex along the top and accented by durable black denim from Cone Denim along the sides. Ergonomic, lightweight, and easy to maneuver, the Strato is filled to the brim with polystyrene beads that lets youngsters create a unique, fluffy cloud experience in any indoor environment.


Pixel Bean Bag Chair

Don’t be a n00b! Play in style with the Jaxx Pixel Bean Bag Gamer Chair. This bean bag provides enough comfort for spending the whole day gaming and the support necessary for keeping you in the center of all the action. Low to the ground and lightweight, with a handle for convenient transport, the Pixel can be placed in front of a television or monitor and quickly moved away when not needed. Because the Pixel is so good looking, you will want to show it off all the time. The top and back are soft vinyl, which is not only richly colored but durable enough to withstand daily use. The sides are black denim from historic Cone Denim, and the chair features white contrast threading throughout. The EPS filling inside the Pixel arranges itself to conform to your body, while the seat is large enough to stay relaxed while taking on the big boss.

Pivot Gaming Bean Bag

The Pivot is all about changing perceptions. Think kids furniture has to be childish? Think a bean bag can’t be intriguing? We are set on redirecting your attitude with this big slice of comfort. The unique construction allows your little rascal to sink into our ECOFOAM while still having an upright, supported back and room to stretch their legs. Perfect for gaming, it is the love child of a recliner and a bean bag. And don’t worry when your virtual dog fights get too intense—the cover removes easily for washing those spilled drinks.