Jaxx Debuts New Photography

Jaxx has increased their presence on Amazon and other e-commerce sites by offering new, on-white photography. Per the standards of many sites such as Brookstone, Target and Amazon, they prefer to have products shot on a white background as the primary image.

Jaxx produced photography for all the adult bean bags in both denim and microsuede in every color. This images were then distributed through the e-commerce team and can be seen live across multiple sites that sell Jaxx products.

_MG_7059_charcoal _mg_7087_cinnabar _MG_7178_orange2 _MG_7240_navy _MG_7260_white _MG_7297_brown _MG_7397_gray _MG_7441_blue _MG_7475_camel _MG_7497_navy _MG_7549_brown _MG_7562_orange2