Jaxx Casual Living Licenses Folding Chair Design

April 2015

Named the Sugar Cube Modular Chair, Jaxx has licensed the design to produce these folding kids chairs that also form a table.


Give your kids a multi-functional space of their own with the Sugar Cube Modular Kids Chair. With three convertible positions, it’s a sweet space-saving solutions for any room in the house, large or small. Folded, it can be used as a sturdy table or platform for playing games, drawing monsters, or devouring yummy snacks. Unfolded, it instantly becomes a cozy seat or reclining lounger for when some quiet time is needed. Filled with a high-density, light-weight polyurethane foam, the Sugar Cube offers optimal support and is easy for those cute little hands to maneuver. No need to worry about those messy spills either—the Sugar Cube has a soft, duo-toned microsuede cover that is easy to clean and maintain. Plus, it blends in with any type of decor.