Avana Comfort

Avana® Comfort is the center point between luxury and functionality. The most comfortable and highest quality pillow in its field, Avana has developed unique designs of comfort products that aid in sleep, meditation, and massage. Being a stand-out in its field, Avana is also poised to launch into mass market through compression of their pillows to fit on a shelf.

Nirvana is described as a state of mind where one has found peace and liberation from suffering. While most of us are a little more grounded in the world before us, we framed Avana to help people achieve these goals in their daily lives. Our aim is to help you find freedom from aches and pains, experience peace in your surroundings, and maintain vitality.

Avana stands at the intersection of profound ideals and practical designs. Through our exploratory process we uncover needs and gaps that often get lost in the chaos of everyday life. We conceptualize, sketch, test, think, and rethink – all so our products will not only make you more comfortable, but also help you rethink the limits of your environment.

More than any other pillow or cushion, we craft products that offer innovative solutions to issues often overlooked. We believe a good night’s sleep or a comfortable spot to relax are invaluable to our well-being. Stress can touch every aspect of our lives – therefore, so do our products. We strive to create a strong connection between peace of body and peace of mind. Share that joy with us as you begin to live your life without limits.

To see Avana’s process in action, check out the conceptual drawings for our Lotus Massage Platform below.